Since 1998

Wanda tea machine

Research and development of famous, preliminary, refined, energy-saving four series, more than 40 varieties of tea machinery


Food drying machinery

Sunflower seeds, peanuts, pine nuts, walnuts, dried bamboo shoots, red dates, aquatic products, vegetables, medicinal materials and other nine categories of more than 30 varieties of food drying machinery

Technological innovation pursues quality

We have established multi-directional technical cooperation with scientific research institutions for a long time. Focusing on high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, we have developed four series of tea machinery with more than 40 varieties: famous and excellent, preliminary, refined and energy saving.

1998 years

The company was founded in 1998


The registered capital is 6000000 RMB

30 +

Covers an area of more than 30 mu



SINCE 1999

Zhejiang Wuyi Wanda Drying Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pre refined tea machinery and food

member of the China Tea Society, and a director of the

aking and frying machinery that integrates research and development, production, and sales services. With strong technical strength

dvanced production process and processing equipment, and a professional research and development, management, and sales service

eam, the company is a member of the National Drying Industry Association, a

heiang Agricultural Machinery lndustry Association. The company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to


ea farmers. The company strictly adheres to the design concept of cleanliness, continuity, inteligence, and digitization, and has developed

utomated production lines for green tea, black tea, as well as a series of tea machinery models such as ultra-high temperature hot air tea

rum sterilization machines, auxliary hot air tea drum sterilization machines, tea rolling machines, tea dynamic drying machines, tea sti

trving machines, and tea automatic drying machines, covering the pre-treatment, sterilization, cooling, moisture regain, twisting, and fryin

ffresh tea leaves Single machine and complete set of equipment required for various production processes such as drying, conveying, ant

roma enhancement and re drying, and can assist tea processing eterprises in planning and deigning tea factories, selecting and equipin

tea machines, and providing customized services,

 so that every tea farmer and tea enterprise can use tea machines suitable for their own

production.The company adheres to the principle of quality first, user first, and technology development. We have established multi-dimensiona

technical cooperation with research institutions for a long time, focusing on eficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection

We have developed five series of tea machinery: famous and high-guality, tough and reined. automatic- and inteligent. as wellas over 10t

pecifications and models of tea machinery with four major energy sources: coal, particle, gas, and electricity, We are a leader in the

production of tea machinery and food drving machinery in China. Our company has a strone taent force and currently has variour

professional and technical talents. We have an experienced and innovative technology research and development team,as well as a group of

skilled craftsmen.We continuously optimize the self inspection process of tea machines, strive to explore new areas ofautomation in the tea

industry, and promote the upgrading ofautomation in the tea industry.Quality wins the market. Wanda brand tea machine products are best-selling throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia

including National Higt

driving tea farmers to increase their income and become rich. The company has successively won multiple honors,

Zhejiang Agricultural Science and Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Science and Technologt

tech Enterprise, National AAA Credit Enterprise,

Enterprise, Zhejiang Agricultural Enterprise Science and Technology Research and Development Center, Jinhua Patent Demonstratior

Enterprise, and has been awarded 45 national patents, including 28 new products in provinces and cities, and has won multiple provincia

and municipal science and technology progress awards, And participated in drafting more than ten nationalindustry standards,including te

drum sterilization machine, tea kneading machine, and tea drying machine. At the same time, drafted group standards for tea drun

terilization machine, tea kneading machine, and fragrant tea brightness drying machine in Zhejang Province. The tea drum sterilizatior

machine and tea operation twisting machine have obtained the Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Certificate. Everything is dificult, and strivin

for success is essential. The diligent Wanda people always remember the corporate spirit of "enterprising, practical, and striving", uphold the

quality of precision work, and strive to achieve the ultimate in every product, Wanda People is willing to work hand in hand with you to create

a more brilliant tomorrow in the food industry.

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