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Horizontal type cleaning machine for the meton seeds

The machine is melon seeds cleaning machine and has the characteristics of convenient and simple operation, high automation degree, large cleaning quantity etc. and is suitable specially for cleaning sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds.


Melon seed automatic washing machine

This sunflower seeds clean special equipment,the conveyor machines and cleaning materials two parts,the settlement of the artificial wash is complicated,painful,time-consuming with continuous,easy operation save room and save energy advantages is the ideal of the machinery cleaning melon seed.


Vertical cleaning machine for melon seeds

The machine is vertical type structure and has the advantages of small occupying land area and high cleaning efficacy. It is mainly used for cleaning black melon seeds, and can also be used for cleaning peanut and ping etc.


Cleaning machine for peanut

The machine is mainly used for cleaning peanut. The cleaning can be done through driving peanut moving forward by special-made rubber belt, and brush roller rotating by driving device with spraying tap water to realize cleaning for peanut. The machine possesses the characteristics of stable operation, small vibration, low noise,low energy consumption, being clean etc.


QX 一 80、100 Model cleaning machine

The machine is a equipment specially for washing black melon seeds. With reasonable structure, it is convenient in operation and has high product efficacy. And it can also be used for operation of washing peanut, pine nut etc.


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